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Marie Conrad MMQ

I am a Medical Qigong Master, Reiki Master, Tellington Touch (TTouch) Practitioner I, Family Dog Trainer, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Professional Tai Chi and Qigong and Yoga Instructor/Trainer, Shaman and Minister.

I specialize in energy therapy for people and all flavors of pets. I also work with dogs of all ages that have behavior issues, such as excessive barking, jumping, mouthing (nipping), fearful or nervousness, and dog reactive dogs. 

I use a variety of training techniques, most notably TTouch and Positive Training. I teach you (the care giver) to help your animals develop the confidence and emotional balance they need to become loving, safe family pets.

I am located in Palm Bay, Florida and travel to your home throughout Space Coast area.  

For more information, please contact me.